The Freight Dispatching Course

Beginner Level:

In this self-study freight dispatching course, you'll learn step-by-step how to start a successful 6-figure freight dispatching business. All you need is a cell phone and laptop to start your business!


The 6-Figure Blueprint Trucking Business Course

Beginner Level:

In this self-study trucking course, you'll learn step-by-step how to start a successful 6-figure passive trucking business. Not only will you learn how to start your business, but also how to sustain and scale it!


Live Dispatch Training Class

Beginner Level:

In this freight dispatching course, you will be guided through the process of starting a successful 6-figure freight dispatching business, step by step, live! The course will be held in a small and intimate setting, in our conference room located in a suburban area of Dallas. You will be taught by Coach Delphine, who has extensive experience in the field of freight dispatching.

MAY 6, 2023

Trucking In
90 Days Mentorship


Trucking In 90 Days Mentorship is our signature 12-week coaching program here at Six Figure Trucking Academy. This is a high-level coaching program that is designed to teach you how to successfully start and sustain your very own six-figure transportation business passively. During this program, you'll receive direct coaching and hand-holding mentorship from Coach Delphine.

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Dispatcher 2.0 Mentorship


This mentorship program is perfect who those who have already previously taken a freight dispatching class and need additional help with starting and growing their freight dispatching business.

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The Six Figure Trucking

Academy Foundation

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Meet Your Instructor

Coach Delphine Foster

 Once a struggling single mother on welfare to becoming a 7-figure trucking business owner, and the creator of the #1 transportation education platform in the nation for women! Delphine Foster is quite the trailblazer and business titan, to say the least! She’s helped over 300+ women start their very own 6-figure transportation business, and she’s on a mission to help even more succeed!

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