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How The Trucking Industry Really Works

Learn how the multi-billion dollar transportation industry actually works. And how it's not as scary and complicated as you may think. 

The Step-by-Step Blueprint

Learn the exact steps you need to take to get your trucking business up and running. And what mistakes to avoid that causes many new trucking businesses to fail.

6-Figure Success Systems

Learn what systems your trucking business needs to have in place to be super profitable so that you can enjoy all of the time, location, and financial freedom that you deserve!

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"Queen Delphine" Foster

Is the true embodiment of strength & determination. After overcoming the difficulties of being a single mother on welfare, she went on to build a 7-figure trucking empire & create the #1 transportation education platform in the nation for women. With her transformative courses, impactful masterminds, & life-changing training events, she has empowered and helped over 300+ women to start their own successful transportation businesses & continues her mission to inspire and support even more women reach their full potential & succeed!

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