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Hey Sis! Are you tired of feeling alone on your journey towards starting your very own six-figure trucking business? Let me guess - you've watched all the YouTube videos, scrolled through all the TikToks, and spoken to every male family member you could think of about how to start a trucking business.

You're itching to take that first step but you're not quite sure what that step should look like. You're a little too nervous to purchase a self-study course because you don't quite feel ready to embark on this monumental journey alone, and you're not quite ready to invest in a $10,000 mentorship program because you either don't have the capital or the confidence just yet. I get it, sis.

You're still in the phase of wanting to dip your toe in the water but not quite ready to take the full plunge just yet, right? Does any of this sound familiar? Bingo! Well, that's exactly why I created the Trucking Queendom community.  I designed this exclusive online community because I wanted a place where I could truly show up for and pour into a group of women who are ready to not only start showing up for themselves but also for their dreams.

From the monthly masterclass trainings, bonus trainings, exclusive PDF resources, and live Q&A sessions, you'll be provided with the knowledge to take the necessary baby steps towards building the foundation of a successful trucking business. Along with the strong sense of community and sisterhood that will provide you with the support, accountability, and motivation you need to take major leaps toward starting your trucking business. So what do you say, sis?

Are you ready to become a six-figure trucking Queen?

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Hey sis! If you're feeling called to join my Trucking Queen Community today, then click the link below to join and receive immediate access to exclusive trainings and member content!

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  • You desire to learn how to start a 6-figure trucking business without having to get a CDL & drive a truck!
  • You already have your own business, yet you’re seeking another investment opportunity to increase your net worth! 
  • You’ve been in a career field for many years that you love - yet you desire to start a business that affords you the time, location, and financial freedom you desire!
  • You've already taken a course, and struggling to put the pieces together to get your trucking business started.
  • You've previously tried to start a trucking business on your own and are currently struggling to get it up and running & successful! 
  • You desire to be able to pay yourself a 6-figure salary (hello $10,000+ months!)
  • You’re ready to stop trying to figure it all out by yourself and get personalized help from an experienced mentor "who has already been there and done that" so that you can achieve your goal faster than you’ve been able to on your own
  • You're coachable and willing to invest the time, money, and energy necessary to create the life and trucking business of your dreams!


 Join The Queendom Today!

Hey sis! If you're feeling called to join my Trucking Queen Community today, then click the link below to join and receive immediate access to exclusive trainings and member content!

Join the Waitlsit

Monthly Masterclass Trainings & PDF Resources:

Every month inside of the trucking queendom portal you'll be able to access a brand new masterclass training from coach Delphine as well as exlcusive mentoring moments, bonus training and PDF downloadable resources such as e- guides, workbooks, and checklist. 

Monthly Challenges & Prizes:


As a member of the Trucking Queendom community, you will be given monthly challenges to further help you grow in your endeavor of becoming a successful trucking business owner. These challenges are designed to be fun, engaging, and may require you to delve deep within yourself at times.

Live Members Q&A 

Coaching Calls:

Join Coach Delphine and your Queendom community sisters inside our exclusive Queendom portal every month where you'll be able to celebrate your wins, ask questions and receive real-time feedback in between your coaching calls with coach Delphine.


Access To A 23+ Years Trucking industry Veteran:

By joining the Trucking Queendom Community you will gain access to a wealth for knowledge right at your very finger tips - coach Delphine herself. Where she will pour her extensive 23+ years of industry knowledge and experience into you. This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the Industry and to further help solidify the success of your future trucking business.

A Community

That Has Your Back:

The #1 fear many women have when it comes to starting their own trucking business is the fear of embarking on the journey alone. By participating in this community, you will be joining a supportive community with dozens of other women who are also on the same journey. This community will provide you with a supportive network of peers who understand the challenges you face and can offer advice, guidance, and encouragement. 

Members Only

Discounted Rates:

As a member of the Trucking Queendom Community  you'll receive access to discounted rates  to ALL of Coach Delphine's events! Such as her signature 3 Day Trucking Intensive live training events  and popular 3 Day Womens Vision Board Retreat in the beautiful Fort Lauderdale, FL! 



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"Queen Delphine" Foster!

Is the true embodiment of strength & determination. After overcoming the difficulties of being a single mother on welfare, she went on to build a 7-figure trucking empire & create the #1 transportation education platform in the nation for women. With her transformative courses, impactful masterminds, & life-changing training events, she has empowered and helped over 300+ women to start their own successful transportation businesses & continues her mission to inspire and support even more women reach their full potential & succeed!

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