The Six Figure Trucking Figure Academy Foundation

 About Our Foundation!

The Six Figure Trucking Academy Foundation is a fully accredited 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, whose mission is to help combat the cycle of poverty for single mothers nationwide through our business and financial literacy programs, mentorships, community workshops, Mastermind brunches, and our annual trucking business giveaway gala. With every single mother that we sponsor and mentor, we further help end the cycle of generational poverty and better help to keep families healthy and financially prosperous for generations to come!


Is to serve and uplift the under-resourced women and families who need help the most. By ending the cycle of single-parent poverty and building one strong family at a time!


We do this through comprehensive programs of financial literacy, entrepreneurial training, and personal mentorship. We give families a hand up, not a handout, by providing them the tools to end the property cycle via mentorship programs, resources, and partnerships that empower single parents households. Because of our annual trucking business giveaway gala, personal mentorship programs, community workshops, and your donations were able to continue making a difference in the single-parent community.


Single-mother households are the most underserved group globally and face a higher likely hood of poverty. Single mothers are the backbone of so many communities yet they are the least served and invested in. When you invest in and uplift single-parent households and give women the resources and entrepreneurial education that they need to succeed. You are investing in an uplifting an entire community!

The most disadvantaged group in the U.S. are single mother families which according to the U.S. Census 30%  live under the poverty line.

But we're not done yet. We still need your help!

Sponsor A Single Mother


Help us end poverty in single-parent households nationwide by sponsoring a single-mothers entrepreneurial and financial literacy mentorship today!


Annual Trucking Business Giveaway Gala

Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

Purchase your ticket to attend our Annual Trucking Business Giveaway Gala where we’ll be hosting an award show to announce the finalist who we’ll be considering for our mentorship program and to give away a trucking business to a deserving single mother!

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Our Scholarship 


Are you a single mother who’s always dreamed of owning her own transportation business, but lack the guidance and resources to start one on your own? Click the link below and fill out the application to potentially be considered for a spot in one of our foundation mentorship programs.


Meet Our Founder

Delphine Foster

The Six Figure Trucking Academy foundation was funded by industry pioneer Delphine Price Foster. As a single mother who was once on welfare, she remembers just how tough if was trying to end her own cycle of poverty while working to get her transportation business off the ground. It was her own entrepreneurial trials and tribulations that inspired her to start her foundation to help end the cycle of poverty among single-parent households and uplift the women who form the backbone of our communities.