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Have you already taken a freight dispatching course yet still feel stuck?

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Let Me Guess, Is This You?

You started your dispatching business to live the life of your dreams but instead, you’ve been chained to your laptop, continuously putting out fires,  and not generating the revenue you once hoped for. Let me show you how to fix this!

Let's Make This You Instead!

Did you know scaling your dispatching business doesn't have to be as stressful or scary as you think? Let me show you how!

Introducing Our...  

3 Day Dispatching Intensive 

Learn step-by-step EVERYTHING you need to know to be successful in this industry and how to start making money IMMEDIATELY. This virtual freight dispatch class is unlike any other dispatch training out there. It's 0% FLUFF and 100% FACTS! That will have you ready to hit the ground running and succeed!

This is a virtual and in-person training event.

In The Next  3 Days, You Could…

  • Be equipped with the knowledge on how to successfully scale your dispatching business.
  • Have a strong sense of confidence and clarity when it comes to growing your dispatching business because you will be given the blueprint to multi-6-figure success! 
  • Finish this training with a complete understanding of what it takes to create and run a successful dispatching business. You'll have the exact blueprint & systems in place on how to succeed!
  • Transform your entire life!

Training Overview

What You'll Learn During The Event...

Day One Overview...

Intro To Freight Dispatching (Refresher)

 During the freight dispatching refresher, we'll be building upon the knowledge you've already learned; further ensuring you have the basic knowledge of understanding of the transportation industry and your role as a freight dispatcher. The prerequisite for this class is to have already previously taken a freight dispatching class.

Business Systems & Breakdowns

We'll be auditing & breaking down each and every student's dispatching business. Pinpointing the red flags within your business that is hindering it from fully succeeding and reaching its financial potential.   

DOT Compliance

You'll learn all about DOT regulations and how to better help your clients run a safe and DOT compliant company. We'll go further in-depth on Hours Of Service (HOS) and ElectronicYou will understand the hours of service in ELD mandates and much more.

Carrier Acquisition 

You'll learn where to find new carriers and exactly what to say to them when promoting your dispatching service. You'll also learn how to properly onboard your potential carriers, as well the red flags to look out for and the legal requirements, you must check for.

Dedicated Freight/Shipper Contracts

In the transportation industry, your network is always your net worth! I'll be teaching you how to build the necessary strong relationships with freight brokers and shippers. As well as how to secure dedicated freight for your carriers and get their trucks put on with Amazon Relay and FEDEX!


Success in freight dispatching is all about standing out from the competition and providing a level of service to your carriers that your competitors can't! You'll learn the many different services that you can provide to not only increase your revenue, but your carriers as well!

Day Two Overview...

In-Depth Live Training Calls⠀

We will spend at least 6 hours during day two, going over your call scripts and making live calls to carriers, shippers, and freight brokers. So that you can better master how the conversation should go when booking freight and building potential relationships. 

You will leave this training event feeling like a load booking boss!

In-Depth Load Board Training

 Booking freight is the #1 problem most new dispatchers have. Whether you're struggling with putting together profitable loads, negotiating high freight rates, or simply getting over your fear of picking up the phone and making a call. You'll learn how to master the load board once and for all! 


Back Office Set-Up⠀

What separates the dispatching companies that barely "get by" from the ones who succeeds and gets ahead? A good back office system! You'll learn what systems you'll need to have in place for every aspect of your dispatching business so that you can successfully scale it to 6-figures and beyond!

Duplicating & Delegating⠀

You started your freight dispatching business to create more financial freedom and time freedom! Not spend 12 hours a day glued to your computer and cell phone. You'll learn the systems you'll need to have in place so that you can spend time on key tasks that will generate the most revenue and how to hire others so that you can duplicate yourself and delegate the other time-consuming tasks. Allowing you to free up your time and 10x your profits! 

Day 3 Overview...

6-Figure Success Systems!⠀

Everyone thinks shipping contracts & dedicated freight is the key to building a successful dispatching business, but it's actually systems! The key to running a successful freight dispatching business that stands the test of time is having the correct systems in place for your business to run profitably and efficiently on auto-pilot! You'll learn my proven 6-Figure Success Systems that helped me to take my once struggling trucking business and scale it to over 7-figures a year.

General Overview⠀

The last day of the training event will be a half-day used for going over 6-figure business simples and principles, as well as go over everything you learned the previous two days and answer any questions you may have.

Plus Bonuses...

Cratered breakfast & Lunch

There will be a complimentary catered breakfast and lunch included during the event.

($300) Value

Insurance/Credit Guest Speakers⠀

During this event we will have some amazing guest speakers to with you along with an insurance expert to better help you understand how your operating authority works. A driver recruiting expert who will speak to you about how to not only find great drivers, but retain them for a lifetime. And a credit expert, to help learn about building & leveraging your business credit. They will be dropping some amazing gems!

($1,500) Value

Training Materials

 Scaling Systems Dispatching Business Guide

 Call Scripts.

Sample Contracts and Paperwork.

✔ Free Load Board. Subscriptions.

 Terminology Guide.

 Plus Much More...

($900) Value 

This Training Changes Lives 

Is For You If...

  • You are ready to finally get your dispatching business off the ground.
  • You are ready to work far less hours, yet increase the revenue in your business.
  • You are ready to stand out from the competition!
  • You desire more time freedom!
  • You're ready to 10X profits!

Real Women Real Results!


Coach Delphine Foster

"From Welfare To 7-Figures"

From a struggling single mother on welfare to a Multi 7-figure trucking business owner and the creator of the #1 online trucking education platform in the nation for women! Delphine Foster is quite the business Titan to say the least. Delphine began her trucking journey in the summer of 1997, after completing 3 weeks of CDL school.

She purchased her first truck with a welfare check and a prayer. Her road to 7-figures was not an easy one. She quickly learned the transportation industry wasn't as easy or welcoming as she had thought; especially to women. Never one to stay discouraged!


So What Happens If You Don't Take Action Today?

Time is your most valuable resource. The longer you wait, the more potential opportunities you risk missing out on. The real question is, what would you rather gamble with? The small amount of money you invest that you can always earn back? Or the valuable amount of time you waste by simply waiting for your life to magical change? 

“The best time to have started your freight dispatching business was 5 years ago. The second best time is now”?

The more time you allow to pass by, the more missed opportunities and revenue you are potentially missing out on. Take that first step by believing in yourself and investing in yourself today. See you in class!




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